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Baptism and thanks giving

Baptism (also known as Christening) is available at St Paul's and St John's to anyone who would like to become a part of our Christian or part of our Church community. We welcome families with babies or young children, older children and adults. Although for teenagers and adults, Baptism is usually associated with confirmation.

At the baptism service parents and godparents are called upon to promise to bring their children up as Christians and to declare their own belief in the Christian faith. (We allow 3 Godparents; all should be baptised Christians themselves.). At least 2 of the Godparents should be the same gender as the child being baptised. Adults do not godparents but may have supporters.

At the beginning of the service the baptism candidate is signed on the forehead with the sign of the Cross; the sign of God's love for them and a badge of belonging.

Your child's name is special to you, and so it is to God. Before baptism the candidate is named – and then water is poured on the head three times in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe that at baptism through water and the action of God's Holy Spirit, the candidate begins new life united with Jesus Christ and God's precious family the Church.

The newly baptised is welcomed into the church family, and then given a lighted candle. The candle represents the Light of Christ for them, and the light that they themselves are to shine into the world!

Our baptism services can occur at any time, though this is subject to change in the very near future. For those people who feel that baptism is not quite what they desire at this point in their lives we offer a service of "thanksgiving for the gift of a child".

Baptism is about beginning, belonging and believing. Above all it is about being loved - loved by God!

To help you with this important decision at this special time in your lives, the Vicar will meet with you to go through all you need to know about baptism. Alternatively, the Vicar will be pleased to talk with you in person, just come along to one of our Sunday morning services.

Our regular Sunday morning service is at 10:30am and we would be delighted to welcome you.

Baptism is about joining the family of the Church. Please explore our website to discover more about activities that are provided at St Paul's and St John's for parents and young children. You will be made welcome at all of these activities or services.