In July 2023, members of our church congregation passionately embraced our community outreach mission by organizing a successful Community Health Check Day. Collaborating with local healthcare professionals, including doctors, general nurse practitioners, mental health nurses, pharmacists, and

holistic therapists, our volunteers orchestrated a day dedicated to the holistic well-being of our community; an area in Tottenham with high health inequalities. We are truly thankful to the health professionals who took the time out of their busy schedule to help in this way. Welcoming over 80
families and children, the event was a beacon of health education and empowerment. Special thanks to the Tottenham Spurs Foundation, whose sports and well-being team played a pivotal role, leading invigorating exercise sessions and challenges. They also provided insightful talks on seamlessly
integrating simple exercises into daily routines.
Despite not receiving external funding, the event thrived due to the generosity of our church members, who donated funds for refreshments and essential medical supplies. This collaborative effort exemplifies the remarkable achievements possible
when communities unite. The triumph of this Health Check Day stands as a testament to our collective ability to foster well-being through collaboration. With gratitude in our hearts, we look forward to our next Health Check Day in early 2024, continuing our commitment to empowering community health and resilience.